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How to Help A Child Diagnosed With Emotional Disturbance

Common Traits

❶The skills that teach the child to interact in a positive way at school are skills that can prepare him or him for success in all settings. That child is the expert on that child.

Emotionally Disturbed Children Essay Sample

Labeling Someone as Emotionally Disturbed
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This typically leads these children to misinterpret the behavior of others and to become highly cautious and aware of what others are doing. Below are several descriptions of students with emotional disturbance and the challenges that they face:. Joe qualifies as a student with ED primarily because he has an inability to build or maintain appropriate interactions with peers or adults. Joe tends to misinterpret comments, facial expressions, or the actions of other students and school staff.

Josephine would receive an ED diagnosis in large part because she expresses inappropriate types of behaviors or feelings under ordinary circumstances. She breaks down and cries at strange times, and often needs time outside the classroom to compose herself or take a break.

At times, she comes late to school, goes home early, or cuts certain classes. Her reactions to common experiences are heightened; when something is funny, she cannot stop laughing, and she cries excessively while watching sad movies. It is difficult for staff to predict her emotional state, and she struggles to contain her emotions without outside prompting.

Josephine has also been known to get really angry, and once angry, not to be able to control her behavior. This loss of control can lead her to throw books or chairs, scream, and yell profanities. She is like a volcano erupting, affecting everyone around her. Jose also suffers from ED, which manifests as a general, pervasive mood of unhappiness or depression. There may not be any apparent reason for his mood, but it has affected his school attendance for several years. He hates getting up and going to school, even though in the past he seemed to enjoy his classes.

His depression can be seen in multiple settings: Emotional disturbance is a charged term. The stigmatism of emotional disturbance causes fear and shame, and it can affect the willingness of an individual to request assistance when necessary. Parents are sometimes reluctant to have a formal evaluation begun because they may see their own fears, behaviors, and struggles in their child. Many parents view the need for a special education assessment as a failure on their part, though such a process is designed to ensure that students with special needs have access to the supports that will enable them to be successful in school.

And yet, ED is not a label that is loosely applied. There are many students in schools who are struggling to focus and learn simply because their internal emotional state is preventing them from developing skills and knowledge, forming positive peer and adult relationships, and maintaining the motivation to grow and succeed in a learning environment.

The term itself actually describes a very real challenge that may warrant formal interventions. Eligibility must be determined through a formal assessment conducted by a qualified team of professionals , possibly resulting in an Individual Education Plan IEP meeting.

It is important to note that most general education teachers are not qualified to determine if a student needs the support services provided through special education, though they will often recommend that an evaluation be initiated. Learn more about the learning support services public schools are required to provide students with learning disabilities. The story began with a teenage girl, living in What is the level of the academic performance in mathematics of Level 7 students in De La Salle Lipa Unified School as revealed by their Academic Grades in Math during the first two quarters The book, Into the Wild, tells a story about a guy who had a philosophical journey.

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Any of these options can help make your job much easier, and could even some day help you save or salvage a young life. Acquiring more essential mental health basics will also help you know when to access help from mental health professionals.

It will also give you the basic terms you need to convey what you see. There is no substitute for the expertise of a mental health worker, and if budget cuts have reduced this option at your site, that is serious. While a class like our Breakthrough Strategies Workshop can help non-mental health workers learn key basics, it is not a substitute for a veteran counselor or skilled social worker.

With the incidence of severe childhood emotional problems apparently on the rise, it makes relying on that counselor, social worker, or psychologist more important than ever before.

If you are a mental health professional you may also want to consider doing a check-up on your skills too. We are always surprised at our Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop how many mental health professionals confuse conduct disorders and thought disorders, for example. These are two basic and essential mental health concepts for anyone who helps severely emotionally disturbed children or teens. Ironically, thought disorder is the single mental health problem that many clinicians believe may be increasing the most in frequency— especially in young children.

We also need more organizations like the Family Resource Centers in Kentucky. Kentucky's Family Resource Centers are located in just about every school in the state. Their staff exist only to assist the student, family, teacher, counselor or anyone involved in the child's life to help that child succeed in school, community, family and life. Sadly, most of us lack a Family Resource Center worker to turn to. Here are a few key do's and don't's as starters, but be sure to also consider developing a plan to more thoroughly upgrade your basic mental health skills if needed:.

Especially in this age of widespread, mandated education performance testing, teachers can feel pressured to get students to perform and produce. But tests don't "understand" that a child has a serious emotional disturbance and make allowances— but you can. Strive to balance your school or agency's mission with the severely emotionally disturbed child's special needs. Keep the goals, but don't accomplish them at any cost. A good general guideline for anytime that you just don't know for sure how to work with a child, is to ask the child.

That child is the expert on that child. If you get no useful response, a fall-back plan is to consider what would work or not work with you if you were in that situation. You can also reverse roles and have the child offer suggestions how to help you. Alternatively, ask the child for suggestions for a friend or peer. Many of the suggestions may be ones you can use with the student.

You may worry that if you give a troubled child extra time to complete a task, for example, that the other kids will complain that it is unfair. The ultimate mission of most schools and youth agencies is to prepare the child for the real world.

In the real world, providing some accommodation is either legally mandated, a common courtesy, or just good sense. Most schools attempt to give a bigger desk to a bigger student, and a smaller desk to a smaller youngster. Simple human courtesy and common sense should never be viewed as unfair. Some teachers or youth professionals will tell you that the child can "take it.

Since kids do not generally announce that they were beaten last night, or that they haven't eaten for two days, you don't know how fragile or strong a child actually is. You don't know whether or not a child can "take it. While it is never okay to yell, demean or humiliate any child for any reason, it is especially true with children who are severely troubled. While some emotionally disturbed children are very adept at manipulation, many, perhaps most emotionally disturbed children do not manipulate at all.

There are many types of emotional disturbances, and each has its own completely unique dynamic. Because an adult works differently with different types of students, tailoring methods to fit each child and that child's unique circumstances, does not mean the adult has been manipulated. It means that the adult has a sophisticated understanding of different types of youth, and has chosen the correct tools for each type of child.

One way to tell if you need to upgrade your mental health skills is to assess how well you can distinguish different types of mental health problems and apply varied interventions for each type. While non mental health workers can't diagnose, it is still important to be able to understand and identify the difficulties you are seeing.


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for students with emotional and behavioral disorders. in raising levels of achievement and engagement among students exhibiting behavioral issues. Effective Programs for Emotional and Behavioral Disorders January Hanover Research | January Lane, Kathleen Lynne. “Identifying and Supporting Students at Risk for Emotional and.

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Children with emotional disturbance display behaviors that are not typical for their given age or culture. workbooks, games, lesson plans, and more—all in one place. Learn More No, thanks Related Slideshows 9 Basics of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders 10 Ways to Support Students Who Are Emotionally Disturbed Spring Fever! 6 Ways to. Behavior Intervention Plan for Emotionally Disturbed Student Recognizing the increase in school violence and most educational institutions, it is very important to enact a bill that requires a positive behavioral intervention plan for individuals with exceptional needs.