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California Teachers of the Year Awardees Comments

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❶Oh Teacher, My Teacher! This family, like many in West Virginia, had a difficult time keeping food on the table.

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But before trying prescriptions or insulin, I want you to try some lifestyle changes. You need to stop smoking, start walking 20 minutes per day immediately, and work your way into jogging. You need to limit your caloric intake to 2, calories per day, 65 grams of fat, no more than 20 grams saturated.

The patient comes back, but nothing changes. The patient sues for malpractice, wins, and the doctor loses her license. In Morgantown, WV, an immigrant coal mine worker and his wife had their first child, a son. This family, like many in West Virginia, had a difficult time keeping food on the table. His life consisted of sitting in a black, unlit cavern by himself fourteen hours a day, opening and closing a trap door as needed.

Luckily, his mine never collapsed while he was inside. His life had neither hope nor opportunity to improve. By the age of 18, he began working with the coal crusher. Tragically, like many coal miners of the day, he was deformed by accidents over the years, and breathing coal dust took a toll on his health. At the age of 35, he lost his life to black lung. This family, like many in West Virginia, had to work very hard to keep food on the table. He earned his degree, went to graduate school, and spent ten years in the Information Technology field, even running his own successful business for a while.

He finally found his calling in Education. I hope you will forgive me for speaking of myself in the third person. Thankfully for me — and all of us — we decided as a nation to do something differently. Writers Workshop Regular Forums. Program Links Program Reviews. I like this 0. My Educator of the Year. Educator of the Year. Cull for educator of the year. This article has 24 comments.

Email me when someone replies. Joyceyueyue , 0 articles 0 photos 1 comment. Moore at Gahr high she is my favorite teacher because she is so nice. Really this was truely a good story i mean thus uses alot of deep emotion This really did use alot of emotion this is really truely good. I almost feel like I really know you now. I also have the best teacher ever.

This one gave me something to compete with if I entered the contest. I relate to the worshipping fact of your comment!

Good teachers are hard to find and forget. I too have a teacher who means the world to me, no one ever can be better than her. I don't ever pray to God as I worship her. She is my GURU, motivator, mentor and guide! And has always hepled me cope up with times when I felt like my world is turning upside down.

When ever she came to our class her motive was to try any method and make students understand. She has taught me for 5 years and this is my 6th year, unfortunately this time she is not teaching me but daily i talk to her in school, she is amazing. Her subject is maths, but she also teaches concepts of LIFE. Maybe she dose'nt realize that how special she is for us, because good people do good things and forget them. My message to the teacher of America. He smiled and said, 'My reading is on fire now, huh, Mrs.

They are innovators who seek creative solutions, debaters who support their thinking with evidence, and authors of original content with the work via my professional blog, a classroom Vimeo channel, and our class Web site. Learning, laughing, creating, and transforming together make it all worthwhile.

I have observed very few classrooms in which I did not come away with a new idea for my own teaching. Also, parents often gain a profound appreciation for the teacher by observing them teach. Giving young people a chance to realize their dreams and live a full life will always be the force that drive me to teach. I laugh a lot. I learn each day. Each year, each term, each day, each class is new. Being a teacher does not make life easy, but it makes it worth living. I thought if education could do so much, maybe I should become a teacher.

Teaching fuels me and gives my life purpose. Teaching is the manifestation of that 'something' I vowed to do on April 29, California Department of Education. California Teachers of the Year "I am proud of how many of my former students have chosen to become teachers themselves, some of them at San Diego High right alongside me.

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ESSAY 6 - TEACHER OF THE YEAR PLATFORM As the Washington State Teacher of the Year, you would represent all teachers. What would be your message to your profession and the general public? () 1 – Writer’s message may be overtly negative, .

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Looking back on my work from just last year, I realize how much stronger my writing skills and vocabulary are. Ms. Young has done a superb job preparing me for high school, for which I am very grateful. I feel that I have developed my writing skills most this year than any other year. Throughout the year Ms. Young has become my role model.

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Open Document. Below is an essay on "Teacher of the Year" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples/5(1). -- Timothy Smith, National Teacher of the Year Candidate, Florin High School, Elk Grove Unified School District, Sacramento County. California Teachers of the Year "What rewards do I get from teaching? That's easy: I laugh a lot. I learn each day. Each year, each term, each day, each class is new.

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Message to Fellow Teachers () Budget cuts threaten to cripple the educational system, so what can teachers do to still continue to grow? We are still expected to meet high academic standards, with fewer resources, so teachers must rely on each other and their vast . The TOY program offers participating teachers the highest state honor available to Texas public school teachers, the Texas Teacher of the Year award. To be eligible for the top award, teachers must advance through a tiered selection process: Campus Teacher of the Year, District Teacher of the Year, and Regional Teacher of the Year.