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❶Nock Edited by James D. By using the concept of balanced and unbalanced cycles, the evolution of signed social network graphs can be predicted.

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Only recently published articles and new less than two years old working papers will be included in the email distribution. Posting is at the complete discretion of the author. Some recommend that authors post only "accepted" papers that are very close to publication, so that the work on SSRN is in close to final form, while others suggest that sometimes SSRN serves as a useful place to stake a claim on an idea, so that a posting of an early draft or even just an abstract is appropriate.

You may post previously published works so long as you hold the copyright. An "accepted" paper is one that has been accepted for publication in a book or journal.

A "working" paper is one that has not yet been so accepted. This decision is largely at the discretion of the author. Anyone can post papers to SSRN that are unaffiliated with any particular series. If you do so, there are many subject matter journals which will pick up papers and generate email distribution lists to specific audiences, based on keywords and JEL codes see below. The UW Law RPS does not do that, rather, our series consists of self-selected research papers submitted by Wisconsin law faculty and staff who want to have a UW Law cover page on their articles, and who want their articles distributed to our audience.

Accordingly, if you have a "research paper," however you define the term, you may choose to include it in the RPS. Designating your current work as part of this series guarantees that it will be included in the quarterly email which SSRN generates to subscribers. As previously stated, we will gladly accept and post older papers on your behalf those more than two years old but these submissions are not included in the SSRN email distribution.

Having your scholarship included in the UW Legal Studies Research Paper Series is an outstanding marketing opportunity plus the Law School's online form is designed to make the submission process easy for you.

In addition to posting your scholarship on SSRN, the Law Library staff will add these citations to the faculty bibliography, share the citations with the External Relations Office, and eventually begin to create an online repository for the Law School.

Complete the online form but indicate that the paper has already been posted. This is a required question on the form. Ranking Web of Repositories. Archived from the original on Retrieved 11 June Retrieved 6 August Social Science Research Network.

Social Science Electronic Publishing, Inc. Retrieved 30 December Retrieved from " https: Aggregation-based digital libraries Eprint archives Open-access archives Organizations established in Social sciences literature Educational websites. Views Read Edit View history.

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The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) provides free access to the abstracts and full text of works of scholars in the social sciences, including law, history, philosophy, and economics. The Law Library assists with accessing SSRN eJournals, posting papers to SSRN, and publication of the College of Law’s Research Paper Series. The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) provides access to the Lab's working papers, along with other work produced at the Center. To have the breadth of research produced by our fellows collected in an easily accessible and searchable place, we created our imprint under SSRN, the foremost open.

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Social Science Research Network is an electronic archive of abstracts to, and full text reproductions of, scholarly papers in the social sciences, including the study of law (within the Legal Scholarship Network). Posts about social science research network written by Kevin McCormack.