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How to Choose a Topic for a Rhetorical Analysis

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❶It became a defining stage of the whole American civil rights movement and is the example of a powerful rhetoric since then. You know the material.

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You cannot simply choose any article or piece of work to analyze, however. Choose a topic that interests you. If you know the topic well -- for instance, if it is a hobby or part of your job -- you will have a head start on research.

As an example, if you are studying economics or finance, you may want to know more about taxes. Brainstorm about issues within the topic. Choose a practical subtopic. Your brainstorming should focus on topics easily visualized, not philosophical ones. Narrow the topic significantly, so that the subtopic is manageable and does not have an overabundance of resources and references you must read.

You want enough information so you can understand the topic fully -- so do not choose a topic that is too narrow and has no resources -- but you do not want a topic that has so much information that it would take weeks to learn what you need to compose your analysis. If the subject is taxes, tax law or taxes in general is much too broad. Find subtopics -- the effects of tax breaks for the wealthy, the effects of lower classes not paying taxes, or the effects of higher or lower taxes on economic stimulation.

With one of these topics, you will have plenty of references, but you won't be overwhelmed. Find articles or works that deal with the subjects you have brainstormed. Choose the subtopic with the most comprehensive research, so your paper is well-researched. Choose a topic with two distinct, opposing viewpoints. You must have an argument. Pull articles from sources with different audiences for truly opposing viewpoints. If you've narrowed your topic down to tax breaks for the wealthy, you must find research that supports tax breaks and other research that opposes tax breaks.

Analyze articles with some length. Do not choose short articles, because you may not have enough information to analyze. Do not use articles that contain only statistics, because this does not make a good argumentative analysis. Do research supporting articles that have statistics, and use them to support or refute the analysis of the original article you are analyzing.

Choose articles with strong, clear arguments. However, do the one that you believe you can could write the most effective analysis for! Both ideas sound like they could make a great topic for your essay!

I get too emotional when I see it so every time it comes on, I either leave the room or change the channel. The TEDTalk is a very good one as well.

Both of them seem like they are full of rhetoric and you would have plenty to write about no matter which one you choose. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Rhetoric and Civic Life. Please let me know what you think! Jimmy Frisbie September 26, at 3: Mikaela Hermstedt September 26, at 2: Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Proudly powered by WordPress.

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20 Good Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics You Should Consider. In a rhetorical analysis essay, you are expected to talk about the ways in which a writer or speaker tries to convey a point through various devices, including vocabulary, metaphor, hyperbole, example, and allusion, among others.

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The most difficult part of getting started on a rhetorical analysis paper is choosing a topic. To make this task easier, we provide a range of ideas for you.

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Sep 25,  · Ideas for Rhetorical Analysis Paper. Posted on September 26, | 3 Comments. As I go through potential topics for the rhetorical analysis paper, I’m still a bit unsure as to what I would like to write about. When the assignment was first brought up in class, I immediately thought about the ASPCA commercial with Sarah . Proven Rhetorical Essay Topics You Should Use. The success of writing a proper rhetorical essay lies in choosing a good topic. While it may be difficult to decide on the particular topic, you should follow two major requirements.

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20 Good Example Topics For A Rhetorical Analysis Essay. Rhetorical essay is quite often hailed as one of the most important type of essay to write. Top 10 Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics A piece of rhetorical analysis might seem a real problem to students. It seems a never-ending torture to start all over again every time your writing is not what it is expected to be.