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How to Check if an Essay Is Plagiarized

Being Honest Saves Time

❶Firt make sure you change words or phrases that "don't sound like you. Show students what an essay mill site looks like and how you can spot an essay from such a site in the twinkle of an eye.


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Check your Essay for Plagiarism Now

It's not always easy to find a good plagiarized paper. If the student doesn't read it well, they may not notice it is written poorly. Often, the odd phrasing is due to bad translations, as some papers may come from other languages.

Follow up on ideas that are too sophisticated. If you notice some concepts are way above the class level you're teaching, you may want to follow up on it.

Of course, some students will be way above the current level, but it could also mean the student copied from another source. Pay attention to similar phrases across all your papers. One way to catch plagiarism is to look for similar phrases across different papers. Often, students who plagiarize will do so from the same websites, so the same words and phrases will show up in their essays. Look for multiple citation styles. If the student uses more than one type of citation style, it may be that the student plagiarized part of it.

Similarly, if you requested the paper be in one style such as MLA , and the paper is another style APA , it may be that the student plagiarized the paper. In some cases, students make up the citations altogether, or claim that a chapter essay in a book exists when it doesn't. Perhaps you have access to the book in question and can check.

Check Google Books, or look online for article citations. Check for old details. Sometimes, a plagiarized paper will have details that are not current. For instance, if the paper references a "recent" event that happened years ago, that could mean it was plagiarized.

Similarly, if the essay references someone in a particular position that they have since left, that could be a sign, as well. Watch for font changes. If the student is copying and pasting into a document, they may not go back and make sure the font is the same throughout. If the font changes size or style, that may be an indicator of plagiarism.

Notice other format changes. The font style isn't the only thing that may change throughout the paper. You may notice that curly quotation marks turn to straight ones and vice versa, for instance. Similarly, the heading style may not be the same throughout. Use a search engine. If you suspect a sentence or phrase has been plagiarized, you can simply stick that phrase in a search engine, such as Google or Bing. They can still be detected by turnitin.

I had a friend that wrote an essay for someone on site like that and a few months later turned the same essay in for a class of his.

Not only did turnitin find it, he almost got kicked out of the IB program he was in, despite being his own work. I wasn't the only one that misunderstood you. Firt make sure you change words or phrases that "don't sound like you. Do you have to list your sources? If so, here is what to do Use that article, then find other sites with information on your topic and list a few, obviously not including the one with the article Try to make sure that you can actually find details on the sites you list that make it look like you used it, though.

If your doing for school work. Like the otherone said it. Read it a sentence at a time, and reword it. Make it your own.

Just relize what your writing incase the person your writing it for says " hey what did you mena when you said? You will always be caught. Some checkers display the source where similar content was found, others do not. Secondly, it has to be free, since vast majority of students are people on a budget having way more important things to spend money on.

And last but not least — it must be a fast, user-friendly and easy-to-use program. Nobody has time to undergo a complex registration process just to insert a piece of writing for stolen text detection. Let us introduce you to the most convenient content checking tool for students — free plagiarism checker by EduBirdie.

There is not much to say about it except that it has a perfect mix of all the three aspects of a good checker described above, and even more! Now you have found out how to tell if an essay is plagiarized. Using an effective similarity checking software, you can rest assured that nothing threatens your academic success.

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So what is Turnitin? Turnitin is a plagiarism detector that catches strings of similar texts. So if somewhere there’s a long lost twin of your essay, Turnitin will definitely find it. When are they going to make a version of this for people? It will definitely help more lost siblings happy than it helps students.

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Before searching where to check whether your essay is plagiarism-free, let’s list the key attributes of a good tool for detecting plagiarized essays. First and foremost, it has to deliver legit and doubtless results, so that you’d be sure after check if essay is plagiarized.

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Apr 19,  · Best Answer: If you have Microsoft Word, go to Tools and click Auto Summary after you have copied what u need from the Internet. It sort of summarizes it for you. You might have to add some things to make it sound Resolved. All right. Knock off your caps lock already. Keep calm and read on. I’ve got answers for you. Let me teach you how to avoid plagiarism in your writing.

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Others might commit this type of plagiarism more innocently. Some students, for example, think it’s not plagiarism if you put the idea in your own words; they do not realize a citation for the idea is necessary. Cheating and Plagiarism - The Plague of Plagiarism Essay Words | 5 Pages The Plague of Plagiarism Simply defined, the word plagiarism means "the unauthorized use of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own" ("Plagiarism").