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Children’s Day Essay in Hindi – बाल दिवस पर निबंध

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बाल दिवस (Children’s Day)

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Long and Short Essay on Children’s Day in English
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Since he was a great political figure but his affection towards children makes him another personality with soft heart. Nehru, children are the precious gift by god who should be treated with lots of care and love. They are like wet clay and can be mould in any way. Thus, a proper guidance is must for growing up a child so that he can be a good person and a good citizen of the nation.

Nehru by organizing events and programs in schools, colleges, government organizations and non government organizations. Toffees, chocolates and gifts are distributed among children on this day. Small children dress up like the freedom fighters on this occasion for competing in fancy dress competition.

I remember when I was at school; a fair was organized with different stalls by students at school. Speech narration, debate contest and quiz competition are often held at different places on this day. Apart from enjoying on this day, we should not forget that a huge population of our children are still stuck in child labouring, abusing, exploitation, discrimination, etc.

We all should do some efforts for the betterment of these needy children. Government and NGOs are doing their best for the welfare of the orphanage children or downtrodden street children by introducing various schemes and laws regarding to provide them proper meal, education or shelter.

In this category, three essay on children's day are provided with word counts of words, words and words. Students and professionals can use any of them according to their need or requirement. Nehru was too much fond of children and children also respect and love him a lot. Nehru, children are like buds in a garden and they should be nourished softly and carefully. Jawaharlal Nehru was the great political figure who was born in Allahabad on 14 th November His image as political leader was emerged under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi while working for congress party.

After the independence of India from British Rule, Pt. Nehru was selected as first Prime Minister of country. During his whole life he was much attracted and attached to children, and always surrounded by them. Due to his passion for children, the birth date of Pt. This day is actually for celebration of childhood, we all have a child in ourselves which comes out on this day and want to enjoy and be happy.

Various cultural functions and programs are organized on this day at different places of country for children like debate or quiz contest, drawing competition for small kids, picnics and small distance tours for students, arrangement of small fair at school by students, etc.

Orphanage children and children in slums are offered food, clothes, toys and stationary on this occasion. We celebrate it in manner to aware people about the welfare of children as they are future of our country.

Children were the prime concern for Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru was a great man with quality of statesman, scholar, politician and freedom fighter. His whole life was dedicated for the sake of country and its future. For his higher study he went to England and after coming he joined congress party under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi. Throughout the life, Pt. Nehru was also very passionate about children.

He was always surrounded by kids in his free time. Generally schools and colleges remain open on this day so that students can enjoy by doing lots of exciting fun activities with the help of their teachers.

Government and non-governmental organizations assure for the welfare of poor children and tries to bring awareness among them in manner to make them understand basic rights of a child. On this Day Children take to the centre stage and are showered with love and praises by their elders and teachers, showing the love that they had for them. It was initiated as a special service dedicated to and for children by the Pastor of a Church in Chelsea, Massachusetts, Dr.

The main objective of the Children Day celebration is to develop co ordination between children and elders and to implement various welfare schemes to benefit the Children.

Jawaharlal Nehru also fondly known among children as Chacha Nehru owing to his liking for latter. Nehru was often cited as saying that the children should be always loved and carefully nurtured as they are the foundation for the growth of a Nation. Despite his hectic life as Prime Minister, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru found time to be with children. It is said that if anything Nehru liked most in his life, it is the time he spent with little children.

It is a call to protect our little ones from all harm and to save them from the negative impact of modernisation, urbanisation, industrialisation, commercialisation and gross materialism.

Today children are thrown open to evils of drug, sex, alcohol, hard labour, abuse and violence. Thousands of little children in our country are made to slog for long hours, for little pay.

Hundreds are yet to see the light of modern education. Therefore, it is a call to put an end to various forms of child abuse that are taking place in our land.

Such a day reminds us of the inestimable worth of those little angels. They are the valuable asset of our nation, the future of our land, and the hope of tomorrow.

Long Essay on Children’s Day

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Children’s Day Essay 3 ( words) Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of independent India was born on 14 November Since he was a great political figure but his affection towards children makes him another personality with soft heart.

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Children’s Day celebrated all over India on 14th November every year is an attempt in this regard. 14th Nov. is celebrated all over India every year as Children’s Day in loving memory of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of our country.

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Children’s Day Essay 1 ( words) Children’s Day is celebrated in India every year with great enthusiasm on 14 th of November. It is celebrated by the teachers and students in the schools and colleges with great passion and excitement. Children’s Day: (Brief Essay) Children are considered as the pillar of a nation. They form a bright nation with their power and capability. India, being a country with young population, relies a lot on children and youth for her future.

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Children's’ Day essay for kids Rohit Agarwal Advertisements: The 14th of November each year is celebrated as Children's Day all over India. The birthday of Pandit Jawahar Lai Nehru, the first Prime Minister of free India, falls on that day. It . Essay on Children's Day ( words) There have been many great teachers, writers as well as politicians in India. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru was one of them. He was born on 14th November at Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. He was a true patriot. He was a great leader, writer and a politician. He was also the first Prime Minister of independent India.