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Custom History of South Asia Essay

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buy term papers south asia history
Buy term papers south asia history

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Learn more by reading our Privacy Policy. Writing a high-quality paper requires a lot of attention. Certainly, this service is included into your package. For a very long time India was under the control of different colonial powers, and in India became independent. The development of India has changed significantly after that.

India was an agricultural country before independence, and even now it ranks second worldwide in agricultural output, though it also became an urbanized, industrialized country India-Development Since Independence and Future Sustainability. Independence brought both positive and negative effects. Negative effects include poverty and environmental damage. India is the third poorest country in the world.

Many people die before they are 30, because the health care system does not function properly India-Development Since Independence and Future Sustainability. According to Amartya Sen, the death rate in India is higher for women than for men, because women are neglected and do not get an appropriate medical help. Females are more educated there, and medical care is available to them. One of the pressing problems in India is water pollution. It results from poor sewerage in urban areas.

For example, rivers are used as open sewers and garbage dumps, and people drink from these rivers and bathe in them. As a result, people get different diseases. It is supposed that Indian government takes care of its people, but it is hardly so, as Roy Arundhati states. According to the Central Water Commission, there are three thousand six hundred dams, which are considered to be big dams, and three thousand three hundred of them were built after independence.

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Custom History of South Asia Essay India is a very diverse country, where one can find different traditions, beliefs, lifestyles and languages. For a very long time India was under the control of different colonial powers, and in India became independent. Buy Term Papers South Asia History buy term papers south asia history May 16, There are many ways that the geography has affected the culture or history of Africa and the history of South Asia buy a shiny new Chrysler.

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