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Art Appreciation Essay

❶In the board rooms and on the streets http: In the beginning of the artistic process, the artist is not too concerned with what others think of their artwork; the art-creating process is in fact viewed as a way to rid oneself of emotions that one may not comprehend at the moment.

Nachmanovitch asks the important question: The Art of Being Human. Benefits of the Arts and Humanities I believe the study of humanities and arts is vital to offsetting usefulness and the more idealistic issues pertaining to quality of life QOL. Hence, I wish to emphasize the "does-ness" as well as "is-ness" of this discipline, which actually represents a kind of Horatian appreciation and teaching doctrine.

On the usefulness side i. On the is-ness or QOL side, my emphasis would be on the fact that arts take one into the world of imagination conceived by diverse minds, allowing us to comprehend the way others lead their lives. A man is defined by the literature he reads, the performances he attends, and the places he visits. These elements…… [Read More].

Realism Is an Approach to Art and. Realism is an approach to art, and an artistic philosophy. The approach aims to achieve total objectivity in rendering elements: Realism essentially eschews the projection of visual subjectivity or bias onto the canvas or other medium, while embracing a poignant political perspective. It was a movement directly opposed to the prevailing trend of Romanticism, and evolved concurrently in the nineteenth century.

Thus, mid-nineteenth century European art comprises a gamut of styles from the hyper-Romantic renditions of neo-Egyptian and neo-Roman scenes to the hyper-realistic paintings of ordinary life. The color palate of Realist art differs somewhat from that of the Romantics, too, with richer more saturated tones being preferred.

Whereas Romanticism enabled an escape from reality to a fantasy world, Realism encouraged the very opposite. Realism asked the viewer to pay closer attention to daily life and critique the social, political, and economic…… [Read More]. Romantic Art and 18th Century. The exoticism and escapism of Romantic Art is manifest by the focus in the features of Napoleon on the bright or the wider scenes of the battlefield.

However, it is the works of Francisco Goya that perhaps most perfectly epitomizes the intense individualism and emotion of Romantic art. Even the titles of Goya's works like "Yo lo Vi This I saw " and "Para Eso Yo Nacido for this I was born places the artist's individual consciousness squarely in the center of the meaning of the painting.

There is no attempt at objectivity, and no apology for the subjective nature of the representation. The Third of May" although a political work, is not of a noble or significant figure, or a beautiful human body like "Marat. It shows the ugliness…… [Read More]. Gustav Klimt Lesson Plan Central Focus "Describe the central focus and purpose for the content you will teach in the learning segment".

Students will learn the art of Gustav Klimt, which will assist in creating the work of art that will resemble Klimt's style. Moreover, students will be introduced to the Gustav Klimt's artwork focusing on his love for cats. Students will also learn their artistic style and utilize their patterns and shapes to fill up their works.

Moreover, students will continue to build and develop the basic skill sets utilizing art tools such as paint, glue, scissors, and oil pastels. Students will also learn how to utilize the line variation, stylized form, symbol, color, and media variety with the ability to create their "Tree of Life". Moreover, the lesson plan will assist students to learn about cool and warm colors incorporating them into the artistic styles of Gustav…… [Read More]. Music Appreciation Describe the Characteristics.

In other words each music performance is different and the impulsiveness of each performance confirms the concept of indeterminate music.

The gamelan, a distinctive Indonesian orchestra consisting mainly of percussion instruments, primarily metallophones metal keys suspended over a bronze or wooden frame and struck with a mallet gongs and drums. Accompanied by string and wind instruments for good effect is a widely respected theme. With drums regulating the tempo and rhythm, while a part of the instruments engage in playing melody, others add finesse and the gongs intervene methodically at phrase and section endings to notify the formal structures of a composition.

The visually spectacular…… [Read More]. Description of How Oral Communication Skill May Be Developed Through Conversation, Storytelling and Oral Discussion It is reported that the use of language in the early years of childhood teaches children not only about the world around them but how language and its use serves various purposes. This type of knowledge is known as pragmatic knowledge which in part is conversational skills.

It is asserted in the work of Weiss that the development of conversational skills in childhood influences the child's ability to interact with others. Children inherently learn these skills however, the adult teacher or parent's role in assisting the learning of children in the area of conversations skills is critical to the ability of the child as a conversationalist.

Storytelling is excellent in its ability to develop language arts among children because it requires them to be good listeners. Storytelling can be followed by…… [Read More]. Liberal Arts and Business How. It helps business people to be able to separate business activities from their emotions. This is what is referred to as emotional intelligence. Some of the characteristics of emotional intelligence are confidence, emotional awareness, collaboration and empathy.

There is also political awareness and adaptability Bodenhorn, The business person also needs to be able to read the emotions of other in order to know the right time to push for something such as a hard bargain in a business deal and the time not to push for it. One thing that business people need to know is that there is a need to think logically and to work efficiently no matter what may be disturbing them emotionally.

Liberal arts help the people to cater for this kind of situation Bodenhorn, Experienced employees learn to do the repeatable tasks no matter their emotional status. However, for the more complex tasks,…… [Read More]. Dada or Dadism is a form of art that was considered very controversial when it was created due to the political and cultural statements that it made. Dadism was a protest of the violence of human nature specifically war and its atrocities.

Personally I feel that Dadism is a form of art that should be cherished, preserved and appreciated because it has a lot to offer not only in a historical and political sense but also culturally and artistically.

I enjoy the liberty and style of Dadism although many times it is not aesthetically pleasing; it is interesting, provoking and enjoyable. I especially enjoy the fact that works of Dadism leave their interpretation open to the viewer due to their abstract composition. Essentially Dadism was a movement that protested contemporary politics and modern art. It was designed to be a social commentary on what Dada artist felt was wrong with…… [Read More].

Video Art Has Become Very. Part of the problem with this work is that Park has made it almost too abstract. This exhibit which was also taken in the international arena loses the audiences once they are not fully Korean. This is because non-Koreans cannot appreciate the subtle aspects of the artwork because they are dealing with objects and symbols that unique to Korean culture.

When the images of the video-art lose their meaning, Park's exhibit shows that there are many limitations to this medium. Specifically, that it is so abstract in nature it only has relevance in the Korean setting. This is a problem with the new video-art format, because it has become so abstract that they cannot be translated across cultures. Park's work especially deviates from the traditional Korean symbolism but he still attempts to have a strong connection with Korean culture.

Park has continued to focus on his theme of the blending…… [Read More]. Time and the Art of Living by Robert Grudin.

Art of Living" by Robert Grudin. Specifically, it will contain a critical, philosophical essay on a major theme or idea from the book. Robert Grudin's book expands on time as a way for us to make our lives more meaningful. We tend to become "impoverished in time" as we run helter skelter through our lives, and Grudin's book encourages the reader to think more about their goals and aspirations, rather than their day-to-day existence.

This is not a book about how to organize your time, or how to make more time…… [Read More]. Teaching Aboriginal Art Canada Has. As already described, this lack of knowledge both grows out of and causes severe misconceptions about aboriginals, all of which can be traced to a belief in the general inferiority of aboriginal cultures.

From the very beginnings of European intervention in the Americas, the aboriginal peoples of the continents have been increasingly marginalized. Threatened with the very possible extinction of their culture, many First Nations communities have begun to take control of their own education Carr-Stewart, It is their hope that with their own schools, they will be able to preserve the elements of their culture that still persist with a strong tradition, while at the same time preparing their children to join Canadian society and the modern world so that they can have the full advantages to which they are due Carr-Stewart, The preservation of First Nations culture cannot take place only in First Nations schools, however.

Music Appreciation Stravinsky the Rite. The piano plays quick octaves and the urgent bass motive portrays an intense wild ride.

This strong galloping is also being formulated by the piano's triplet rhythm which allows for the development of the dramatic storyline's urgency. There are four different characters in this piece: Although Schubert uses one singer to portray and sing all of the four parts of the characters, the listener is able to quite clearly differentiate them from one another. The son is sung in the high register in a minor key with dissonant harmonies.

On the other hand, the father is sung in low register while the Erlkonig is sung in a coy with pleasant and soft melodies in the major key. There are two ways that Schubert builds momentum in his piece.

The first way is by using the bass as…… [Read More]. Democracy Using Multiple Intelligences and Art. The school population comprises approximately students and twelve teachers. The ethnic make-up of Pantera is as follows: Neighborhoods within Pantera's boundaries are middle- and upper-middle class, with some new, upscale housing. The fifth-grade class targeted in this research is typical of the school population in terms of ethnic diversity and class standing.

Two students have been identified as limited English proficient students and seven are identified as GATE students. Victor Horta Art Nouveau Movement. According to Schmutlzer, "The buildings of Horta reveal the full importance of architectural initiative" In his book, a History of Modern Architecture, Joedicke reports that, "In the nineteenth century a circle of adventurous artists, known as 'Les XX,' had already appeared in Brussels, who were strongly influenced by William Morris and his followers.

In Victor Horta, who belonged to this group, built the house in the Rue de Turin in Brussels at a period when there were still few signs of the new movement on the Continent" A number of innovations can be identified for the first time in this project, as well as in Horta's the Maison du Peuple , wherein iron was systematically used; prior to these pioneering efforts, iron had only be used in factories and exhibition buildings.

By the end of the current decade, a White majority will no longer exist among the 18 and under age group. This rapid progression towards a plurality has already impacted primary schools, but the trend toward increasing diversity is beginning to affect adult education classrooms as well. If educators simply ignore this trend, not only will the academic success of students be harmed, but also the professional skills of educators.

The solution, according to Brookfield , is not the adoption of an innocent or naive attitude towards the diverse needs and abilities of racially and ethnically diverse students, but to engage in a process of critical self-reflection. Such a process would help educators uncover their own hidden motives and intentions,…… [Read More].

Performing Arts in the Age of Digital Reproduction. Performance Art While some may believe we are close to achieving the purest art form that technology has to offer, I see it another way. Understanding the differences between live performance and a recorded performance are often difficult due to the relative appreciation of every individual.

Consensus in the arts is very hard to come by, but when it does, it is obvious. The digital age has allowed for the consumer of music, movies, Internet video sensations and various other forms of performance art in our times. It is important to analyze both the benefits and the negative impacts this technology has brought while forcing the artistic world to conform to its principles.

The purpose of this essay is to examine the effect that technology has had on performance art within the last decade highlighted by the computer medium as a primary source of entertainment.

The most beneficial impact of…… [Read More]. Language Arts There is a trend among some colleges and universities recently to cut back or eliminate their humanities major and courses, which includes language arts as well as history and philosophy.

This has created a controversy over the importance of these areas of learning. It is not that the decision to include language arts in education is new. Appreciation of such learning stems back to the earliest humans. Among the earliest pieces of prehistoric sculpture is from 30,, BCE. Many here have heard of or seen the paintings on the caves in France from 15, to 13, BCE. Early humans struggled to survive against natural forces, animals, and one another. One of the most essential ways of survival was to pass…… [Read More].

Westernization -- European Art Music. To wit, there has been a "large-scale migration to the big cities, Pohlit explains, and that has "inclined the balance of power in cultural matters in favor of the poor and uneducated. And that intellectual upper class of course has all the Western classical music it can possibly listen to, but it remains unable to uphold its Westernized "Turkishness" with any degree of impact at all Pohlit.

Art Music Composers Wilhelm Peterson-Berger holds the highly respected position as the most popular art music composer in Sweden's history, according to Frederick Key Smith Smith, Peterson-Berger thought of himself as more of a "symphonist and composer of Wagnerian operas than as a composer of miniatures," Smith explains.

Peterson-Berger was raised in a home with a lot of culture; his father was fluent in…… [Read More]. Romanticism Art Help Roger Fry. All of the styles inspired by the Romantic current can be clearly traced from the Formalist point-of-view, as they had in common the use of image itself, leaving meaning and content to a secondary design. In the poetry and literature world, the Romantic period was a chance to explore the inner feelings of the artist, the development of his own soul and thoughts, where the author is the hero of the story, indirectly even, in autobiographical and confessional works.

In the world of visual expression, the Romanticism moved the importance from the mimetic perspective to a more expressive characteristic, and the art work was weighed in its capacity to transmit emotions and feelings rather than communicate a messages. It also promoted the idea that universal human behavior was more interesting than individual human activities.

This means that in Romantic literature heroes are very varied and different, the characters presented as…… [Read More]. Ever since the first paintings were done on catacomb walls, Christians have endeavored to use visible means for expressing the invisible Almighty. Despite Christianity's origins lying in Judaism, which forbids such imagery, the Incarnation concept made it essential to image God's human face in Jesus.

The intent was never portraiture. However, an image capable of opening the soul, mind, and heart in a manner that livened up an understanding and faith was critical for several centuries. Through it, the Church successfully established itself as a major "patron of the arts. Artists of every era…… [Read More]. Lesson Plan for Visual Arts Class. Students will be able to analyze and critique Baroque style painting by looking at five Baroque style masters. They will learn the different methods of Baroque style painting -- the use of impasto thick paint , sprezzato rapid strokes , chiaroscuro the use of light and shadow , and dynamism the sense of motion.

This information will allows students to better understand how the Baroque manner took shape and it will also underscore the meaning to these methods and how it differentiated painters from the Renaissance style of painting. At the end of the three lesson plans, students will be able to identify and develop the techniques of Baroque artist. This will support the students' ability to create, present and respond to visual art by teaching them the tools of the artist.

Thus, will be able to recognize styles of brushstroke and how eras like the Baroque have incorporated these strokes into the…… [Read More]. New Orleans as a Focal Point in the Development of Jazz New Orleans is known a melting pot of culture and music and it has played a major role in early development of jazz. It was full of opportunity and rich with the fine arts of music and dance, while offering a breeding ground for innovation. In the back alley city streets, clubs and saloons, basements of homes and African-American dance halls, jazz was born.

Brass bands marched in numerous parades and played to comfort families during funerals. There were numerous society dances that required skilled musical ensembles for entertainment. In , the French started building the city of New Orleans. Located at the mouth of the Mississippi River, the city…… [Read More]. National Museum for Women in the Arts. Women's Museums The National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington is a museum specifically focused on bringing a gender-focused study to the achievements of women in the different artistic fields, whether literature, visual art, or performance art.

The museum highlights the achievements of women artists by collecting and showcasing paintings and sculptures the museum boasts a collection of 4, objects created by women , presenting "10 world-class exhibitions of women artists each year," operating a publishing house, programming concerts, films and staged performances, educating the public, and sponsoring committees around the world dedicated to advocating for female artists NMWA, Social Impacts of the Arts.

Social Aspects and Impacts of the Arts It is generally well-agreed that the arts are valuable to society, but their exact value is often debated upon. Having a better understanding of the exact social aspects of the arts, and the precise manner in which individuals in the arts are able to benefit from such participation is absolutely essential.

This is the type of research which needs to be presented to policymakers and legislators so that the arts can be treated more seriously in society and in the community as well Reeves, The benefit of creative activity, along with the ability to explore one's motivations for engaging in creative activity is absolutely necessary for a well-rounded education. This type of discovery can assist in aiding in the entire personal development process, and in the entire voyage of fostering social skills along with art activities that give an adult education approach…… [Read More].

Signs from the Heart: California Chicano Murals editors, Eva Cockcroft and Holly Barnet-Sanchez, state that an artwork that is truly "public" offers society a symbolic illustration of its collective beliefs, together with a continued reassertion of its collective self-image. The movement's artistic expressions include posters, murals, street processions, performances, and films Chicano Art. Modernist art's early tendency was presenting subjective experience, in addition to stressing its value in a way that has never been done before Butler, page Prominent artists from that era, who had taken over from the latter part of the nineteenth century and had a focus on the part played by symbolism, imagery, the unconscious, and dreams, were always inclined to give preference to individual self-realization.

Furthermore, they employed epiphany and intuitive, imaginative ways of…… [Read More]. Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong is directed at the Hong Kong government and the police force dispensed on its behalf. It is a movement that was unofficially recognized in and started spontaneously and had a practical inspiration, as the umbrellas of protestors were used as protection against tear gas from police. The protestors were defending themselves from aggressive assault by Hong Kong police and were there to protest unfair elections.

The protestors identified with earlier protestors of China, such as those at Tiananmen Square in , where the Chinese government ruthlessly cracked down on protestors. In Hong Kong, which is independent in the sense that it has a special autonomy within China, the fear among the protestors was that corruption in government and politics was going to end in unfair elections, so thousands took to the streets to voice their opposition.

As a result of the visual spectacle of…… [Read More]. Ultimate Syntheses of Art and Science Form. Even nomadic peoples have erected structures to keep themselves warm and dry or with which to store food.

These early versions of architecture gradually evolved into the giant palaces of Egypt, the cathedrals of Europe, and the skyscrapers of the modern age. Architecture fascinates me because of its universality: Throughout history, the field of architecture has encompassed a myriad of building materials, construction techniques, and engineering prowess.

Architecture transcends both art and science, because it represents the ultimately practical use of both. Architecture affects the way we live, work, eat, and think about our environments. Especially in urban centers, buildings become an integral part of the atmosphere, creating mood and meaning.

The shape of a structure impacts how we…… [Read More]. Radio Project Radio art is interesting because it is an aural representation of a world that is very much focused on visual input.

In listening to radio art, the audience potentially becomes aware of a reality that is beyond the visible. In other words, things that a person might not notice in the general, visually driven world, might become more apparent when listening to radio art.

This is what I found when recording my interactions with taxi drivers in Iran. I recorded not only conversations during the journeys I took by taxi, but also other sound effect in these taxis, such as the music the drivers might have been listening to during my journeys with them.

One interesting thing that I noticed related to culture. The taxi drivers had a culture of their own, even while being part of the Iranian culture, they also had a particular cultural awareness that…… [Read More].

Learning Across the Curriculum in Art Education. Much research reveals positive effects on learning when integrated curricular activities are regularly presented and explored throughout students' educational careers. Educators, administrators, parents, community members, and students themselves applaud such endeavors as they witness firsthand the endless benefits from these research-based revolutionary instructional methodologies. Naturally, art teachers are among the professionals who are implementing into their classrooms such findings.

Already, there are numerous examples of integration of art into science, mathematics, and the performing arts. Science is traditionally perceived as unrelated to art. Whereas science involves generation and manipulation of factual data and observable phenomena, art resides completely in the realm of subjectivity and creativity.

This is the conventional line of reasoning. However, new explanations state that science and art are in fact intimately connected. Following this reinterpretation of art and science,…… [Read More]. Multiple Learning Styles in Art. Such advocates believe that mathematics, natural sciences, art, music, and language, although traditionally presented as discrete disciplines, have many aspects in common and are pertinent to real life situations. The notion of weaving a wide range of subjects into a coherent, comprehensive unit that reflects student interest and experience renders education more meaningful and permanent.

Art instruction certainly has not escaped this educational revolution. In teaching students about basic art concepts, it is helpful to relate them to real life situations and ideas. For example, the principle of rhythm in art has parallel illustrations in music and poetry. The change of seasons also marks an environmental rhythm. Texture, which refers to the tactile quality of a piece of art, is apparent in food and clothing.

In fact, instructors may present ethnic fabrics to students while teaching…… [Read More]. Romantic Period Writers Shared an Appreciation for. Romantic Period, writers shared an appreciation for nature. Capturing the essence of enjoying nature in writing became of utmost importance for these writers as they focused on emotion and imagination to help them create pleasing literature. This combination allowed them to raise awareness of the mind through literature and while literature became the vehicle through which they explored.

In "Ode to a Nightingale," the poet uses his imagination as he begins to dwell on the nightingale's song. He experiences powerful emotions as he considers the bird's song and he feels as though he is losing his identity as he…… [Read More]. Creative Arts in the Schools. Instead, children can be provided with large, age-appropriate blocks to construct robots.

Scenario 2 reflects positive forethought and planning in the teacher's explanation regarding traffic flow; however sand can still be extremely messy, even outdoors. The argument is that they would miss out on the finer details of the art if they do not know about them.

If you were to look at this from an artist's perspective: We, being observers, could only guess the effort, sweat, blood if you may that has been put in to it. The rest is lost to the mind of the artist who thought of and created the lines that we see or the notes that we hear.

To appreciate all that, we need to be 'educated' in order for us to understand and realize what the artist is trying to say. Then, for a layman to become an art connoisseur, one needs extensive training and schooling to be able to understand what the artist is really trying to convey. This need for training makes art exclusive for its patron in the sense that art requires its appreciators to truly be aware of its value. Chances are that the man would eat the chicken.

True, in our current world model, one would feel that a fine looking painting in one's house would elevate his or her status in the eyes of his or her peers, but the point here is that social status, according to Maslow mentioned afore, comes after the biological needs have been fulfilled. Even if the man was not so poor and not so hungry, and was an averagely unappreciative person, he would hardly go for the painting because chances are that he would not be aware of the value of the painting, most definitely not of the underlying beauty in the painting.

Only the people who are satisfied about their basic needs in life and those who have time to think and learn more about the nature of art that is, luxurious enough would be able to actually appreciate the paintings worth and opt for it.

Many people would argue that art has a place in our history and our culture and that it plays a very important role in defining a nation or a group of people. This is all true and there is no disputing that. However, the question is, what good is all that art to the people if they do not have any idea of its value? It is only in the more developed countries that we find people who care about their national art treasures and treat them with reverence.

In most of the developing countries, people do not care much about the art. When they found the ancient tombs inside the pyramids of Egypt, many archaeologists were killed by their Egyptian guides so that the local people may steal all the treasure. This was because the locals were poor and they saw an opportunity to steal and sell the gold, which the local goldsmiths probably melted to make other things.

This just shows that these people did not care about the true worth of these artifacts, which was that they were thousands of years old and all they cared about was its value to them. This analysis of art in the context of its worth to the different classes of people is of course based on my natural observation of this world.

Life, its fine distinctions, and its intricacies mean different meanings to all of our unique selves. Art is what means to us, what it wants to mean to us, what it can mean to us, what it is today, what it could have become and surely, what it can become for each of us. But we can only base our interpretation of art on what it brings to us and our world. And, art only brings with it the despair of the artist at the hand of the mostly false appreciation of the luxuriant.

How can art not be a luxury if it employs the poor to work off the whims of the rich? It is then of my opinion that art is a luxury for those who desire it and who want to acquire it, and a source of austerity for those who design it, because only the artist can truly appreciate his or her own art to the fullest.

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Landscape Analysis and Art Appreciation - We recently visited three different Museums the Titanic in Pigeon Forge, TN, the Frist Center for the Visual Arts in Nashville, TN, and the Museum of Arts in Huntsville, AL.

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Art Appreciation. In this essay I will attempt to analyze the artwork named “Beguiling Lure “ by Isaac Talley made in The medium of this artwork is acrylic and oil on canvas. ART – Art Appreciation Assignment #2 – Research an Artist The Early Life of the Artist 1. When was the artist born?. Art Appreciation – Essay Sample Self-Portrait Exaggerating My Negroid Features, eight-to-ten-inch pencil on paper drawing, is one of Adrian Piper’s most famous and most emotional works. Bearing a perfectly self-explanatory title it is just what the name says.

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Art Appreciation Essay. Harvesters, Petier Brueghel the Elder, , oil. Netherland artist *The Last Supper, Tintoretto, , oil Chapter This chapter focuses on the rise in Christianity in western Europe and the arts of Byzantium. Art Appreciation Glass sculptor Dale Chihuly’s Fioridi Como, located in Las Vegas’ Bellagio Hotel, is a foot-long ceiling piece reminiscent of the shapes and brilliant colors of Venice’s renowned ____ glass.