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Sample Essay on Texting

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❶To facilitate effective communications, organizational managers must understand the social dynamics of all of these employee communications networks.

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Technological advancements in communication
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The power of a text

The art of texting have a negative impact on our social life and education system in an alarming rate. Here are some of the ways texting could be killing our communication skills. Most people especially in a gathering will keep their heads buried to their phones texting.

This denies us the chance to have a meaningful dialogue or a face-to-face conversation. It also reduces the benefit of body language in communication. Texting distracts us from being present in the actual event.

Messages interrupt our brain function and takes away the attention. As a result, we are not presence in the moment is not felt which is a shortcoming in the lives of many. Shortcuts with punctuation, spelling and emoticons does not help our youth to learn the necessary writing and communication skills.

These skills are important for their college education and the texting ends up ruining the moment. There you have it. The pros and cons of text messaging. These are just few of the many points related to texting. What do you think? Thank you very much! It is a geeat pleasure to hear that. We will try to continue providing useful information for our readers! Someone in my Myspace group shared this site with us so I came to give it a appear.

Im definitely loving the details. Im bookmarking and will likely be tweeting this to my followers! Outstanding blog and great style and style. Your email address will not be published. Read Review Visit site. Easy, fast and quick responses Direct communication from phone to phone does not involve a long procedure since it does not need to go through a server like an email. Multiple conversations at a go Instant messaging platform allows one to have multiple streams of conversation at a go, so it is easier to have more people chatting at the same time.

Texting keeps users in the loop Social media can be a great way to send messages to your followers, but you may not reach all the users at a go. Availability of cheap smart phones New smart phones are popping into the market every single day. Outline the case which she and her partner will put forward and explain which speakers will deal with which arguments 4. Offer additional arguments roughly 2 about why the policy is a bad idea, or develop a counter case i.

This decision is largely based on the circumstances of the debate, and only experience will provide guidance on this. Rebut the speech of the second proposition speaker. Extend the debate into a new area i. Introduce a couple of new arguments that make the case on his side more persuasive. Again, this decision depends on the scenario. This is quite a complex part of debating to master, but it is very important to add something new to the debate or you will be penalised.

Second speaker The last speech of a debate is known as a Summary Speech. In it you should step back and look at the debate as a whole and explain why on all the areas you have argued your side has won.

Go through the debate chronologically this is not very advanced and usually not very persuasive either. Go through the debate according to the main points of contention this is the most persuasive and advanced way explaining why on each of the main issues that have been debated have been won by your side. Closing Opposition Team First speaker This is very similar to the second prop role. You must rebut the new analysis of the third proposition speaker.

You must also bring an extension to the debate — i. Second speaker Like the closing proposition, the last opposition speaker must devote their whole speech to a summing up and should not introduce new material.

Points of Information are a very important part of BP. They enable you to keep involved throughout the whole debate, rather than just during your five minutes are up.

They do not figure too heavily in most judging decisions, but in a close round where the teams are all similarly good at style and content could be the deciding factor.

Teams that offer very few points of information are likely to be penalized heavily for failing to engage in the debate. They should be offered by members of the opposite side only.

This is just a rough guideline. If you offer too few it will look like you cannot argue against the point they are making, and if you offer too many it will look like you are trying to unsettle or harass the speaker.

You should aim to accept two points of information during a five minute speech. Points of Information should be quick and to the point no more than about fifteen seconds. They should offer a new piece of information to explain why what the speaker is saying at the time is wrong. Many new debaters find points of information one of the scariest bits of debating.

This is usually because they vastly overestimate the intelligence of the speakers on the other side. Remember confidence does not equal intelligence, it only gives that impression and is designed to do so. There are a number of ways of dealing with Points of Information.

Dismiss them briefly and then get on with your speech if it was a stupid point. Answer them more fully and merge your answer into what you were going to say next. Say that you are planning to deal with that point later on in your speech and carry on where you were.

If you do this, you absolutely MUST make it utterly explicit when you refute the point later on. You must not use this as a ducking tactic since adjudicators will notice. One of the most difficult skills in debating is preparing cases i. Many teams find it difficult to come up with a good case statement and supporting arguments in the 15 minutes that most tournaments allot for preparation time. The key to success is to recognise your time constraints and live within them.

Every other team in the tournament will have similar restrictions placed on them when they are in opening proposition. Accept it and move on. Usually the subject for debate more obvious. These are known as Closed Motions. Here, it is clear about what you should be arguing; you will be penalised for any attempts to debate about something else. Judges like succinct one-sentence case statements. A short case statement will help your own thought processes.

It is not ok to run a case with no opposition to it at all. Hitler was bad you will be penalised, and will probably lose the debate by default. If the definition is tautological or truistic, the first opposition speaker should explain this, substitute a fair definition and then argue against this new definition. Having now identified the case statement, all you need to do is answer the following questions:

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This sample essay on texting discusses how the text message became a staple in modern communication, and why it has the potential to damage future generations/5(8).

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