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Introduction to Shawshank Redemption Essay Sample
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Sign-up here it's free. Skip to content Accessibility - list of access keys used on this site Sitemap. Find what you need to know Choose a subject Choose a subject Choose a subject - Choose an achievement standard -. Shawshank Redemption By Frank Darabont Frank Darabont has used symbolism, aerial shot, and lighting at the end of Shawshank Redemption to help me understand the purpose of the text more clearly. Before Andy had escaped from Shawshank prison he told Red that when he left Shawshank that he would leave a box in Buxton in a rock wall near where he first made love to his wife.

Red had the decision to either live life or commit suicide but saw hope in life when he had met Andy Dufescne.

At the ending the two friends are re-united in Mexico. Frank Darabont has used symbolism to show the friendship between Andy and Red is unbreakable. This is portrayed at the end of Shawank Redemption when the two friends re-unite. The surroundings are " quiet " because Frank Darabont is trying to get across that the two friends are embracing.

The ending of Shawshank Redemption has helped me understand the purpose of Frank Darabont using symbolism is show that without this friendship Red may have not lived life to its fullest it also shows that schools, prisons and instutions bring together people who would not noramlly associate with each other. Frank Darabont has used lighting at the end to show hope and freeedom.

Throughout Shawshank Redemption the lighting is " pitch black ", however at the end the lighting is full of light which is symbol of hope and freedom.

The ending of the text helped me understand the purpose of Frank Darabont has using lighting is to display that wherever there is life there will always be hope. Frank Darabont has used a aerial shot at the end to show two friends are free and the lifting away of the aerial shot at the very end indicates the two are " liberated " like the wind and can do what they want. The ending of the text helped me understand the purpose Frank Darabont has used the aerial shot is to show that Red and Andy have been redeemed.

Frank Darabont has used symbolism, aerial shot, and lighting to help me understand the purpose of the ending of Shawshank Redemption to show that schools, prisons and instutions bring together people who would not noramlly associate with each other, wherever there is life there will always be hope and has used the ending to portray that Andy and Red have redeemed themselves. With this filter the movie tends to bring out the two different colors of blue and brown.

The blues of the uniforms are all the more dramatic compared to the drab brown buildings surrounding the prisoners. The colors also produce dramatic irony in the last scene of Red and Andy on the beach.

The blue and brown colors that once gave feelings of confinement and despair in the prison are now colors of freedom and happiness. The lighting that goes along with the scenes are also interesting. The whole movie is shot primarily in high contrast with the exception of the guards who are mostly in the shadows.

The lighting that follows the guards present a darkness to their characters, they are displayed as harsh and villainy. The violent scenes all take place in the shadows as well, with low key light. The lighting of these scenes give a sense of violence without actually showing it in the film. The screenplay written for The Shawshank Redemption is exact and precise, everything in the movie complements the development of characters and presents underlying motifs such as prisoner's dependence from long term incarceration, prisoner camaraderie, and feelings of hope in hopeless situations.

The plot has a smart climax that is not fully understandable until the last few scenes. The ending is a total surprise as to how Andy escapes from Shawshank. The movie is brought together with the clever narration's by "Red" Morgan Freeman.

By having Red narrate, the audience quickly identifies with the prisoners, there are certain common traits that the characters and audience share that produce sympathy for the incarcerated criminals. The use of narration also brings out a sense of fate. The use of a narrator also helped tremendously as to explaining the details of how Tim Robbins character escapes from the jail. The dialogue is also clever and witty at times.

The movie has many memorable quotes such as when Andy tells red, "On the outside I was always straight as an arrow, I had to come in here to be a crook" and "You either have to start living or you got to start dying. One of the best scenes in the movie is when Andy is looking through some records that the state has just sent to the prison.

He decides to play the record on the intercom and locks himself in the room so the guards won't stop him. The camera goes through a montage that captures the prisoners love for a simple thing such as listening to a record. The montage consisted mostly of panning shots with a crane shot mixed into it. The montage was made fluidly with the camera moving at the same speed in all the shots. The director took special notice to the actors expressions by using many close-ups in a movie that does not consist of many close-ups.

The lighting on this scene was evenly illuminated, there were no shadows evident. The director wanted to get the facial expressions and convey there feeling of yearning for simple freedoms. The mise-en-scene for this montage was strategically done to express the number of prisoners the music was reaching. The prisoners are all evenly spaced out in the courtyard with the crane shot moving up enhancing the idea that the music is reaching great masses of people.

The music in the montage has the faint static that makes the audience aware that the music is coming from the intercoms. The music also helps add to the atmosphere of the scene causing a surrealistic feeling of calm. The acting is also done quite well. The reactions of the prisoners turns from surprise to appreciation in a realistic way. It started when he was working with the laundry, and a group of guys had their eyes on Andy, so they would rape him.

One day the main guy doing the assault was punished by one of the guards and was paralyzed, so from that day on no more people messed with Andy. When the men including Andy were working on the roof a social norm was broken by the guard received financial help from Andy. Guards never respected the inmates and Andy was respected at times by the guards. Andy wanted something in return for helping with their taxes. He said he wanted beer for all of the men working on the roof, and the guards gave them his wish.

Red felt that Andy did this because it could give them the sense that they were free for just a short period of time. It never really came across to me how much sociology is involved with our everyday lives, but now seeing how much is in just one movie is really interesting to me. The social norms of life outside of prison and inside of prison are completely different. Outside of prison rape is not something that should be expected to happen, but for Andy rape and brutality was something that happened daily, so it became a norm for him.

Sociology a down to Earth Approach. Literary works are influenced by the time and environment in which they are set. They exist in a social, political, and historical environment and reflect the value of the culture and history of people. The purpose of this report is to help the Chitungwiza Town Council to rehabilitate the sewage system and clear the drains in Rovambira street which have been blocked for over a decade.

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Most positivists accept the

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The Shawshank Redemption is a masterpiece of literature and cinematography. Its author is Stephen King, and its film director is Frank Darabont. Shawshank Redemption essays In the movie The Shawshank Redemption, the movie shows how prison life affects prisoners when they are released from jail. Prisoners can choose to go down two different paths. One path they can take is to live their life, or they can choose to take their life. In the mo.

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The movie “The Shawshank Redemption” is about Andy Dufresne, a former vice-president of a large Portland Bank. He was wrongfully convicted of murdering his wife and her lover. Thus, he ended up serving two life sentences at Shawshank State Penitentiary. The movie follows Andy’s tormenting life in prison, his friendship with a fellow inmate . Free Essay: The Shawshank Redemption is a prison movie that is based on a book by Stephen King and directed by Frank Darabont. The movie is not the average.