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150 Words Short Essay on a Bank Robbery

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❶The bank was safe!

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Essay on Bank Robbery: Understand The Subject Matter

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This site is property of 21 x 20 Media. One day Benny and Jessie were going to the bank to cash a check.

When they got there, no one was there but the door was open and they entered. There were 3 people in the vault. They we wearing masks on their faces like bank robbers. Benny and Jessie crawled on the floor so they couldn't see them. They spotted someone on the floor. She was bleeding to death. Benny went to see if her heart was beating, but it wasn't.

They found 10 more people on the floor. Five people were alive, but the rest were dead. The people that were alive were unconscious. Benny tried to call the police before they left. They were still there.

There's more money in the vault over here," said one robber. The rest of the robbers came to see the money. There was ,, million dollars in that area of the vault. So together they had ,, million dollars. The four robbers were armed with guns.

They were dressed in black and wore gloves on both hands. One of the men placed a brief case on the counter and ordered one of the Sales Assistants to empty the trays of jewelries into the briefcase. The Sales Assistant was shaking with fear, and quickly started to do what he was ordered to do. I notice that the burglar alarm was not far from where I was standing. I slowly moved towards the alarm, and tried to reach it without being noticed. After much difficulty I managed to get close to the alarm.

I cautiously lifted my right leg and pressed the button. The alarm started to ring loudly. The robbers panicked, they grabbed the briefcase and rushed to a waiting car and drove away.

I rushed out of the shop to see the number of the car. I quickly memorized the number of the getaway car. A few minutes later the police arrived.

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Essay on A Bank Robbery. It was early morning on Friday. The State Bank had just opened. There was quite a big rush of customers Related Articles: An Essay on the Bank.

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Crimes in big cities like Delhi are increasing day by day Last Wednesday a burglary took place in the Punjab National Bank in Punjabi Bagh. The bank was crowded with customers. Two robber having.

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As the story goes she and her girlfriend was on a motorcycle together and passed by a local bank in Bangkok, Thailand where they witness a bank robbery. They decided to stop to the nearest phone booth to notify the police. Free bank robbery papers, essays, and research papers.

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Mar 05,  · Essay on bank robbery is deemed to be regarded as a topic of conceptual study, wherein students can be asked to conduct a case study analysis based on any given scenario.4/4(81). The Perfect Bank Robbery - His name was Michael he recently planned and set in motion events to execute the perfect bank robbery. Why. Beyond the obvious financial motivation, he could.