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My Dream Vacation

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❶After one week of paradise I would board EZ-Life Airlines and fly back to Vancouver and home just in time for Christmas and that would be the perfect vacation for me.


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Everyone dreams of going on a grand vacation at some time during their lives. It can be overwhelming, however, when you sit down to actually plan your trip. Many considerations go into planning a vacation: By taking as many of these as possible into consideration, you increase your chances of having an enjoyable vacation and set your mind at ease during the planning process. Write down things you'd like to include in your vacation: Don't forget to factor in travel costs i.

Research online and flip through travel books and tour catalogues to find the best intersection between your desires and budget. Try to find three or four potential itineraries. Find three cruises that might suit. For adventure travel with animals and an unlimited budget, a luxury African safari might be a good fit.

Look into three tour companies that offer what you like. Write out your options. Include dates and times, and information you've found about interesting attractions on each potential itinerary. Sleep on it for a bit, or consult friends and family. Share what you've learned with potential travel companions. Over time, the best option should leap out at you.

If it doesn't, try some additional research. It has amazing views you have to see to believe. Maui is known as the "Valley Isle" with natural diversity, ranging from mountains, to deserts, and beautiful beaches. Many vacationers voted Maui as the "Best Hawaiian Island".

The Maui Nui Botanical Gardens were established in by Rene Sylva, and are mainly aimed at conserving dry forests and coastal plants. Hiking through the Haleakala National Park from the height of a 10, ft volcanic peak to the warm Pacific water, is truly a unique experience that will last a lifetime. Maui is the second largest island in the Hawaiian Islands providing miles of diverse cultures, climates, and landscapes. To experience this dream vacation, it is necessary to explore each of the islands by enjoying the on shore excursions that some of these major cruise lines have to offer.

Hawaii, from a cruise ship is not a true Hawaiian vacation. Shore excursions located at these ports include tours of the waterfalls and rainforests located further inland on Kauai. Visitors will relish in snorkeling activities into the crystal clear waters of Maui that will get you up close with the aquatic life.

Passengers will marvel at the different color landscape from lava at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Each of these shore excursions is available for a fee and range from 2 to 5 hours long.

The islands of Hawaii are considered to be the ultimate playground that hosts a range of activities on both land and sea. Taking a Hawaiian Cruise can be an experience worth the cost. Many passengers choose to cruise over flying to Hawaii because of the amenities and lower price. Traveling by air is the fastest way to reach Hawaii.

When flying to Hawaii, a visitor has to take in to consideration the extra costs of hotels, dining, and many other expenses, which can be very costly in the long run compared to taking a cruise.

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The country for my dream vacation is Australia. Australia is a part of the continent, Oceania. It is a big country with many attractions. I am going to share with you, in this essay, what attracts me such that I want to go to Australia, There are many physical factors in Australia. One of them is deserts. Do you have a dream vacation that you would like to go on? I know I do. My dream vacation would be in Nepal on top of Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. This is how I would prepare, and scale the mountain. A year before I take the climb I would start [ ].

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My Dream Vacation! By: Chase P Loosli B5 I have wanted to go for a vacation for very long. The country for my dream vacation is Australia. Australia is a part of the continent, Oceania. Dream Vacation Essay Form A. If you've never cruised before, then your ideal dream vacation will be taking a Hawaiian cruise. Imagine enjoying island paradise experiences each day.