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Employment has suffered in Brierley Hill due to the decline in the manufacturing industries, this has resulted in a lack of employment opportunities being available to the surounding communities.

The majority of the people who work at the Waterfront are women in clerical roles, wheras the Round Oak Steel works that was previosly there mainly employed men in the manufacturing industry. The borough has a working population of , however, Brierly Hill still today remains a deprived area, a third of the working population have no formal or recognised qualifications and average incomes for workers are amongst the lowest in the West Midlands.

Benefit Claimants The most recent recorded statistics from the National Statics website are from , the following graph displays the percentage of benefit claimants as a percentage of the working age population.

It is clear in the graph that he percentage of claimants for the Hawbush neighbourhood was considerably higher in than in the Dudley Borough and England as a whole.

Occupations of all people in employment The most recent recorded statistics which shows the occupations of all people in employment are recorded from the National Statics website in , the following graph shows that the majority of people in employment on the Hawbush estate have higher numbers of occupations of skilled trades, process; plant machine operatives and other elementary occupations. Information from the Hawbush Primary Schools Ofstead report from shows that in there were mixed pupils aged 3 — 11 years who attended the school.

Pupils who attended the school who had learning difficulties or disabilities in was well above the national average. Students who attend the school with learning disabilities or special needs is high and has been rising, there is an average amount of students who have statements in place.

The national statistics online shows that in — the educational attainment for the neighbourhood was relatively low in comparison to other areas The following statistics is data that has been taken from the Ofstead reports for Hawbush Primary School and Wordsley High School. Key stage one is usually assessed at the age of 7, the table below shows data on pupils that have achieved Level 2 or above in Reading, Writing and Maths:.

Key stage two is usually assessed at the age of 11, the table below shows data on pupils that have achieved Level 4 or above in English, Maths and Science. Key stage three is usually assessed at the age of 14, the table below shows data on pupils that have achieved Level 5 or above in English, Maths and Science.

Conclusion Researching the Hawbush Community has shown that there are plenty of areas that can be improved to enhance the community life of the people who live on the estate. In my opinion I think that the Hawbush Community Centre could be used more effectively and run to its full potential by providing the local community with the chance to enrole on courses that could be run there to help people gain qualifications and training that would help them gain employment.

Employment would enhance the well-being and health of the people who live in the community, a mobile creche could be arranged at the community centre which would benefit the high number of single mothers living on the estate who are at risk of losing their benefits if they have school aged children and are not in employment.

The educational attainment could be increased by providing the local schools with extra funding to help children and young people from the community reach higher grades, this could enable them to go onto higher education or enable them to access employment. Accessed September 14, We will write a custom essay sample on Community Profile specifically for you.

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It enables service commissioners, and local authorities to explore services within the area in order to find out if the publics need are been met, assess the area's most in need and make required improvements so that strategies can be put in place and implemented.

Community profiles provide information so that resources can be proritised to make any funding or resources to the best advantage Hawtin M, , p For Middlesbrough, a community profile in relation to alcohol would be beneficial in order to find out which services are most in need of improvement. Due to poor statistics in relation to alcohol misuse, the needs of the local community can also be assessed, ideas may be implemented, and new services introduced with an overall goal of improving statistics and reducing levels of alcohol misuse.

A strategy for reducing the amount of alcohol misuse could be implemented and then reassessed over a period of time in order to track its progress. Community profiles help to build a better understanding of a subject. By having this greater knowledge, more precise and reliable improvements can be made within the community to contribute in combatting any issues. As stated previously, Middlesbrough has as estimated population of , Of these people 6.

Despite the high number of people living in Middlesbrough, from data in provided by Middlesbrough council, there were 58, households within the town. Comparing the percentage of benefit claimants with Tees Valley at As shown in appendix 5.

These results could further complement the alcohol misuse, but also the poor crime rates within Middlesbrough. Again, in comparison with Tees Valley at 0 and National crime statistics at Further exploring mortality rates and poverty, Middlesbrough once again shows poorer statistics compared to Tees Valley and the national average.

Mortality rates under suggest that individuals are likely to live longer. Both Middlesbrough at The national average has a mortality rate of Middlesbrough is ranked 8th of all local authorities within England and Wales for being the most deprived, 1st being the worst.

This will have an adverse effect on individuals' health and their lifestyle Middlesbrough Council - Middlesbrough statistics. All of these factors together will contribute to Middlesbrough having poor statistics and change the way individuals living here are able to adapt their lifestyles for the better.

Changes need to be made with the help of better services and increased knowledge in order to see a change within these numbers. This can be done through the use of a community profile. Each target area should be explored individually and improvements made accordingly.

Due to alcohol misuse being one of the main areas that is in desperate need of improvement within Middlesbrough, it is first essential to understand why and how alcohol leads to poor health, as well as what can be done to prevent its misuse. Often, individuals may use alcohol if they have any problems in their lives. Alcohol is a form of drug and can easily become addictive.

G and Marmot, M. Alcohol has effects on the brain over a period of time with high consumption. Unfortunately, adolescents are more susceptible to the damage, however this is not to say that the adult brain cannot also be affected Dasgupta, A.

It also has more noticeable effects often as the addiction takes over. This may include poverty, cravings. One of the most serious complications of alcohol misuse is often malnutrition.

This is often due to the individual not eating enough to nourish their body. Kessel, N and Walton, H. Chapter Two According to statistics and media attention, alcohol misuse in Middlesbrough is currently at a high. This suggests that alcohol may be a local health improvement issue.

With alcohol being such a large issue within Middlesbrough at the present time, local services and its users may benefit from a community profile in order to identify areas for improvement. Many people who misuse alcohol end up in hospital and within the last year out of every , of Middlesbrough's population, 3, people were admitted to hospital. A health improvement issue is an area that would benefit from health promotion and improving services provided. The World Health Organisation quoted 'health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health.

It moves beyond a focus on individual behaviour towards a wide range of social and environmental interventions. With alcohol been such an issue, it has a large impact on services provided in Middlesbrough both physically and financially. There is strain on the services to provide affective care whilst in high demand.

As a result of this, there are cost implications for use of treatments, equipment and time. If the level of alcohol misuse were to be reduced, this would create some relief for services working hard to accommodate. In order to reduce the levels, a community profile is beneficial in order to ascertain where the issues are within the local community and put strategies in place.

Yearly, across the country, alcohol misuse is causing the NHS approximately?? Looking at the epidemiology of alcohol demonstrates why people may turn to alcohol and what effects it may have on them. Frequent heavy drinking can have many negative effects on the body and a person's health and these may ne short or long term. Some impacts alcohol can have on a person are academic problems, social isolation, physical illnesses such as hangovers or illnesses, memory problems and an increased risk of mental health problems leading to suicide Galanter, M et al.

Alcohol starting becoming a rising problem in the s, and the first self help groups were introduced. By the s alcoholics anonymous had been founded and alcohol misuse has continued to grow since Rose, M. Chapter Three Within Middlesbrough, there are a number of services available to those within the community for suffer from alcohol misuse.

With these in place, a long term goal is to reduce the amount of individuals reliant on alcohol, to change and improve their lifestyle for the better.

This service aims to offer advice to its users, provide information and also treatment for alcohol misuse. They aim to do this by offering rehabilitation and detoxification referrals, as well as hepatitis vaccinations.

Not only does this service provide care for the individual suffering from the alcohol abuse, but it also offers support to the families of those in need and dealing with the repercussions.

This is affective because it takes a holistic approach to the care of the individual as well as their families Middlesbrough Council - Help with alcohol. The Albert Centre in Middlesbrough are also specialists in providing treatment to those people who are experiencing addiction and struggling to manage it themselves Middlesbrough Council - Help with alcohol. In order to provide person centered care, the Albert Centre provides tailored packages within a community based intervention strategy.

Initially, clients who are referred here will be assessed by the center in order to establish how much alcohol they drink, dependency levels and any reasons behind why they may drink. They are then allocated to a support worker who works one to one with the individual and starts to develop a recovery plan.

From here, the support worker and the individual discuss and implement any interventions. These may consist of self-motivational tools, worksheets or other exercised to assist the recovery process. Along-side this, the Albert Center provides counselling sessions, alternative therapies, and peer led recovery groups on a support basis. Educational classes are also available to improve awareness around alcohol and the affects it has on stress, health, motivation, confidence and also differing behaviours.

Upon reducing the alcohol to a safe level or completely cutting it out, services users are placed on an exit package which includes information and guidance about maintaining recovery The Albert Centre. For those younger individuals who suffer from alcohol misuse, there is a service called 'Platform' within Middlesbrough specifically for young people under 18 years. This demonstrates a clear understanding between the different types of treatment required for adults and adolescents.

Often younger people are more vulnerable and need different methods of care for it to be effective. Platform aims to give help support and advice about alcohol misuse and works towards a harm reduction approach for the individual, their families and the community Platform Middlesbrough. Both these workers are each trained in counselling and motivational interviewing.

They are each able to offer every patient holistic patient centered approaches. Each individual will benefit from this greater than a general approach for someone who comes under the label of alcohol misuse. The substance misuse workers embark in a detailed assessment of the individual which can often identify the underlying causes resulting in the patient drinking.

They both motivate the patient to get themselves help from community services but also refer and advocate on their behalf Public Health England. Within the hospital there is also an Alcohol Liaison Nurse who works with the patients specifically admitted to wards and experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

They will often work in partnership with the community treatment agencies ensuring that any prescribed treatment in hospital compliments the treatment received in the community. This then makes the transfer between community and hospital setting a much easier one especially for the patient who is likely to be finding it hard enough Public Health England.

Of these groups, some are volunteer led; such as the service for young people. This means that they are non-statutory. Non statutory services are service providing bodies that are not legal entities in their own right, however they are accountable for the care they provide Non-statutory organisations NHS Brand Guidelines. This, on the other hand means that a statutory service is one provided by the local authority.

For individuals suffering from alcohol misuse and seeking help from one of these non-statutory service provisions, clients may often feel empowered as if they are in charge of their own recovery. This may be due to relationships being less formal and no direct authorative figure. Chapter Four The role of a nurse in facilitating health care and meeting the needs of each individual is very complex.

There are many strategies in place, guidance, codes, laws and legislations. As quoted by RCN, nursing is 'the use of clinical judgment in the provision of care to enable people to improve, maintain, or recover health, to cope with health problems, and to achieve the best possible quality of life, whatever their disease or disability, until death.

The purpose of nursing is promote health, wellbeing, and to prevent disease, injury, illness or disability. When a person or their families require nursing interventions, the nurse's role is to minimise distress, pain and suffering.

If death is inevitable, the nurse should maintain the best quality of life until the very end Royal College of Nursing. Nursing interventions should empower their patients.

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Community Profile Communities have many similar features no matter there location. The objective of this contrast and comparison is to review city/5(1). Community Profile Contents Introduction 6 History 7 Social Class 9 Age Structure 10 Housing Stock 10 Statistics 12 Unemployment Employment 13 Family/5(1).